Root to Rise

Despite having a regular yoga practise, I had a frustrating half an hour on my yoga mat early this morning. I was unsteady and I wobbled the entire time. Even in Tadasana (mountain pose), which is standing still with both feet on the ground, I found it difficult to maintain good balance.

There is a prompt, often heard in yoga classes, to root down to rise. This is a reminder to ground down and find a firm foundation before attempting to try anything further.

Reflecting now, I realise that I hadn’t done this. My mind had been in Monday morning mode, running through what was in my diary for the week ahead and trying to recall if I had prepared for certain tasks and events. Instead of focusing on my balance, I was thinking about what needed to be done on Thursday afternoon.

Sometimes, in our haste to progress, complete and achieve we skim over the basic but necessary first steps. Building a solid base takes time and it can be boring, repetitive and unrewarding. It’s much more exciting to skip to the fun stuff! Without the base though, we have nothing to anchor us on those ‘wobbly’ days.

I’ll be back on my mat again tomorrow morning but fully present and prepared to root down, so that I can rise.


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