Go Slow

By Michelle Mclean

Have you ever flipped ahead to the final chapter of the book you’re reading, to find out what happens?   Have you ever googled the outcome of the TV series you’re binging on? Yeah me too, so there’s no judgment here. 

Sometimes things are just so good we can’t wait patiently for the outcome. And sometimes things are so bad, we want to skip to the good bit. Getting to the outcome is satisfying.  Briefly.  But then what?

In rushing towards a conclusion, we risk missing the details, the context and the process.  Whether that’s in books and films or life’s events and milestones.

Slowly is the fastest way to get to where you want to be.’

Andre De Sheilds

Rushing can cost us dearly because the process of doing something, is where the magic happens.  No, it’s where life happens.  The process is where there is learning, growth and pleasure.

I am learning more and more that part of a soft life is not succumbing to the culture of speeding to a destination but instead taking pleasure in the whole ride, potholes and all.

Take in your surroundings. Enjoy the view. Slow down today.

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